USCG Drug Testing

The Department of Homeland Security requires the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure that each USCG licensed person, while operating under the authority of the license, whether it is an OUPV (6 pack) or a Master’s, MUST become a member of a Coast Guard recognized random selection drug testing program (urine sampling). If you use crew members (even part time), each one must also join the program. The random selection process is where members can be selected at any time during the year to be tested and when selected, must not refuse to comply. The authority for these rules is the U. S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 46 Parts 4, 5, & 16. It became effective October 1, 1991. It is the obligation of the licensed person or owner/employer of the vessel to find a program to belong to and ensure that all crewmembers are included.

So, if you hold a license, and are conducting ANY business “on the water”, you are required to be a member of a random selection drug testing program. Remember also, that if clients, business associates, or customers are entertained on an underway, company-owned or leased vessel, the captain is required to be licensed, and therefore required to be a member of a testing program.
Requirement at license renewal.

Membership in this consortium will ease the drug test requirement at license renewal time. When your license comes up for renewal (every 5 years), if you notify us, American Drug Testing Consortium will issue a letter confirming membership in our drug-testing program. There is no additional charge for this service. The letter will eliminate the need to have an additional drug test at renewal time. In place of the test, simply include the letter with your renewal package.