How will you or your business satisfy the tough federal drug and alcohol testing laws?

This is the perfect random drug and alcohol testing program if you are an independent CDL operator with your own FMCSA authority from DOT, a USCG licensed captain with or without a crew, an FAA licensed pilot or mechanic, a PHMSA company, a manufacturer, or a business owner that has employees and requires random drug and alcohol testing. It also meets the needs for Non-DOT testing. The program meets the requirements for all random drug testing, Coast Guard drug testing, trucker CDL drug testing or any other drug testing service needs. We have over 5000 drug test collection sites throughout the USA, so there is always one nearby.

Whether you have a one-person business or a company with 10 or more employees, with our consortium you will be in full federal compliance – quickly and easily and, at the lowest possible cost, $60/person/year for membership. A random drug test costs $65 and a random alcohol test costs $45. There are no other hidden costs or charges. You may pay by check, credit or debit card. Your information is secure.

Our program also includes your required Policy and Procedures Format and Supervisor Training Manual for free.

And, with your enrollment in our consortium, your membership can go with you anywhere you go. So, if you change companies or take a part time position you don’t have to take a new drug test. Your Certificate of Enrollment from us ensures that you are fully compliant with federal drug testing laws. In most cases, it is also a tax-deductible business expense.