Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become eligible for membership?

You must first pass a pre-employment drug test (urine sample) at an approved collection site. We will send you to one of our approved locations or you may use an approved site on your own.[If a test has been taken within the past six months, or membership in another drug testing program can be shown for the previous one year, the pre-employment test will be skipped.] When the negative (passed) results are returned, you will then be accepted into the consortium. You will be issued a membership card which is valid through the end of the calendar year and you are then available to be selected, at random, for future testing from among the members in the entire group.

How do I join?

To become a member of the consortium, you must submit an application with a payment of the $60 annual membership fee and $65 for the pre-employment testing fee (if needed). Additional payment for a drug test will be required if you are randomly selected. Upon receipt of the fees, the Custody and Control forms for testing will be sent to you. When negative (passed) results of the pre-employment test are received at our office, a laminated membership card will be issued. The card will contain information about membership and length of continous time in the consortium. It will also contain phone numbers for emergency testing (reasonable cause or post incident) and drug and alcohol abuse hot-lines. The annual renewal membership fee is required to be paid by each January 1st, when a new card will be issued expiring on December 31st. Renewal in the consortium each subsequent year only requires a new annual membership fee. You may discontinue membership at any time or for any reason by just notifying American Drug Testing Consortium or simply not renewing your membership any January 1st.

What happens when I’m selected for a random test?

When you are selected for a test, you will be notified by mail of a test date. You will be able to choose from a list of nearby approved collection sites to go to. There will probably be one near your home or business. Collected specimens will be handled in conformance with regulations and tested at a NIDA approved lab and reported to our Medical Review Officer (MRO) for disposition. The MRO (a medical doctor) will maintain all results and report positives (failed tests) to us so we can notify the authorities as mandated by the regulations. We are also required by law to notify the authorities of anyone refusing or unreasonably delaying to test. A test must be taken on receipt of notice to two days after the stated date on the notice. You will be charged by American Drug Testing Consortium $65 for the entire proceedure. That incudes notification, sampling, shipping fees, lab fees, Medical Review Officer report, and replacement of your name back in the membership pool. There are no other payments required to anyone.

Who pays the costs for my membership?

Payment for the pre-employment test, annual membership fee and random testing when selected is up to the captain, the employer, driver, owner, or the member him/herself. The regulations do not state who must pay, only that the requirements must be followed.

Must I remain a member during off season?

Membership in the random selection process is required to be on a continuous basis. Therefore, in and out membership jumping during off season will work against you and could result in a new pre-employment test being required to rejoin the consortium.

Why should I join this consortium?

The law says that the owner or driver may run his own random testing pool for crew members or employees. However, if that is done, the owner is required to perform all the steps (selection, collection site, laboratory, medical review officer, record keeping and annual reports). American Drug Testing Consortium does it all for you at a reasonable price.

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