Collection Sites

Throughout the country we use many types of collection sites for testing our members.

If you have a preferred collection site you would like us to use, please include the name, address with zip code and phone number with your registration application. In most cases, we will be able to use that location for your tests.

Usually, Quest labs, LabCorp, Concentra or Occupational Health are our primary testing facilities. They have many offices in each state. However, if they do not have a location close enough to you, we will use a nearby hospital or authorize a local doctor.

Note: Not all labs are authorized to conduct urine drug testing. Therefore, you should check the llinks below to see if a location has the type of service needed..

The following link is only for Quest Labs.

Just click on Find Location. Then enter your city.

The following link is only for LabCorp

Just click Find A Lab. Then enter your zip code to find a collection location.

Make sure the location lists as one of its services “Occupational Urine Drug Screens”.

The following link is only for Concentra



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