Step #1: Submit application and take Pre-Employment test

We require just two things from you to become a member of the consortium: (1) You must submit an application with your company information, contact information, driver list, and payment information. (2) After that, we will schedule your pre-employment drug test(s). If your drivers have had a drug test recently (30 days), or are coming directly from another consortium, all you need to do is send us that documentation and we will not require any further testing to become a member.

Step #2: Keep us informed of any changes to your company

If you move locations, add/remove employees, or change contact information, simply call or email us so we can keep our records up to date. We know drug testing isn’t top of mind for you, so we will periodically send reminders to help.

Step #3: When selected for a random test, complete it as soon as possible

We will run random selections on a quarterly basis at the minimum federal requirement for your company’s respective division. We will notify you via email if you are selected and tell you what type of test you have been called for (drug only or drug and alcohol). You will then be able to schedule and pay for your random test through our simple, members only, test request portal. We will promptly email you the scheduling documentation for the most convenient testing location in your area. A day or two after the testing is completed you will receive the certified result letters directly to your email.

Step #4: Keep the documents we email you, and call us if you ever need our support!

We will send you some certification records when you sign on, and then every time we do a selection we will send proof that your company was involved in the selection. We will also send test results if you need to take any tests. All of these will come by email, so simply review and file these away so they are handy. Don’t worry, though, we keep a record of all of them as well and can help fill in any gaps.

Should you have an accident, need additional education/training or be faced with an audit, call our compliance experts and we will make sure you have the assistance and resources that you need to be safe and prepared.